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Educator Certification

Babywearing Educator certification classes ~

Combine your babywearing love and experience with the most up to date education available.  Check out answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about our certification courses here.  If you’re considering teaching babywearing as part of your business or volunteer work, these classes are for you!  Babywearing Institute Northwest is a licensed affiliate branch of the Babywearing Institute in Logan, UT, the first and most respected babywearing school in North America and the only school to certify their educators through extensive training, exams and required continuing education.

Beginning and Advanced Educator Certification courses 

*** TBD, 2015  ***

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Registration Deadline:  TBD, 2015

Full registration fee & tuition due at time of registration.  Minimum class size of 4 students is required in order to proceed with class.

  • Please do not book travel arrangements (or, if you must, purchase travel insurance) prior to receiving confirmation that registration minimums have been met and class will proceed as planned.
  • Class minimums must be met by the registration deadline.
  • Should class be cancelled by Babywearing Institute NW due to insuffucient enrollment or other extenuating circumstances, full tuition and registration fees will be refunded to you.

Please complete the registration form and then contact me to arrange payment.



Class Schedule:

Beginner and Advanced courses:  Beginner courses cover the first 2 days, Advanced the final 2 days.  Classes will run from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm each day with breaks for lunch and as needed.


All classes will be taught based on the courses offered through the Babywearing Institute in Logan, UT ~ emphasizing optimal positioning and safety based on the best available research.

  • Beginning and Advanced courses can be taken separately or in succession during the same session dates.
  • Students must complete the Beginning Course prior to taking the Advanced course.
  • Certificates of Attendance are provided upon completetion of each course but certification as a Certified Babywearing Educator is not complete until the written  take-home exams are completed, returned and accepted.


 Beginner Course Description: 

Course Fee:  $300 + $50 registration fee

  • The Babywearing Institute Beginner Course covers everything from the classification of babies as parent clingers to healthy development of the spine/hip and pelvic floor stresses of babywearing.
  • We discuss the aspects of babywearing related to the baby’s psychological, emotional and physical development and more.
  • You will learn about good communication with parents and children as well as how to match the wearer with the proper carrier for babywearing success.
  • This class will help you with setting up your businss and explore different business types.
  • We’ll have lots of experience with baby carriers and wrap tying methods.
  • We have many of the major types of carriers for you to learn with.
  • Class tuition includes an extensive printed student manual.

This is a LONG DISTANCE CERTIFICATION – the exam is a take home exam.  You do not need to travel back to Washington in order to test.  Courses are not available online or in video format as the work requires hands on demonstration and practice.

Advanced Course Description:

Course fees:  $300 + $50 registration fee

  • This is a class to help you be well rounded in all aspects of babywearing.
  • You’ll be learning how to help parents with children who have special needs along with important information on advanced communication.
  • Helping parents with multiples or babywearing while pregnant or even nursing while babywearing will become natural after taking this class.
  • You will learn how to match parents with a good color of carrier along with exercises to help new mothers wear their baby without hurting themselves.
  • Lots of baby carrier experience and wrap tying practice.

This is a LONG DISTANCE CERTIFICATION – the exam is a take home exam.  You do not need to travel back to Washington in order to test.  Courses are not available online or in video format as the work requires hands on demonstration and practice.

Payment & Refund Policy

All prices for the BI Program and continuing education classes shall be at the then current list price schedule at the time of the registration for the classes.   All stated fees and prices are exclusive of any taxes, fees, duties, or other amounts, however designated.  All such taxes, fees, and duties shall be paid by Student unless Student can present documentation acceptable to those governing authorities who levy such fees that the Student is exempt from paying said fees.

Payment shall be made at the time of registration for the class(es) selected by the student.  If payment is made by check, the check must be received at least 14 days prior to the first day of the registered class.  Payment shall be made in U.S. Dollars.  Checks must be made payable to Babywearing Institute Northwest.  Refunds will be made based on the curent refund policy.

Current Babywearing Institute Northwest (BINW) Payment policy:

  • Non-refundable registration fee and full tuition are due at time of registration.
  • Registration deadline will be at least 60 days prior to class date.   If a class is scheduled with less than 60 days notice, all registration and tuition fees will be due on or before the registration deadline set by and at the discretion of BINW.
  • Classes requiring travel outside the area local to BINW require payment in full of the educator’s non-refundable travel fees/costs and non-refundable registration fee no later than 7 days after class date has been selected and travel costs quoted/billed to students.  Travel costs will be determined and set by BINW and all travel arrangements will be made by BINW.   Tuition will be due in full at time of registration or by the registration deadline as determined by BINW, no later than 60 days prior to the start of class(es).

Current BI/BINW Refund Policy

  • 60+ days before the First Day of Class = 90% refund
  • 45 to 59 days before the First Day of Class = 50% refund
  • A student can also reschedule to take another (specific) course anytime during the following one year period by paying a $65 (USD) transfer fee, if the change is made and the fee is paid on or before the 31st day prior to the First Day of (the originally selected) class.


Travel ~

I am available to teach away from home.  Whether you’re an hour away, in another state or outside of the United States, travel can be arranged for private consultations, business training or educator certification courses.   Please contact me for details.

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